Clark Brewer, architectarchitecture and planning

My Design Goals

I enjoy solving complex problems as simply as possible.  I have been blessed to have strong minded clients that are clear about what they want.  This creates the best projects.  I tend to straddle the fence between practicality and creativeness, solving problems that are in the best interest of my clients.  I have a strong background in construction and project management, small and large scale project inform each other.  I execute projects that are planned well, organized simply, meeting all goals elegantly and having something special, unique that allows the project itself to stand out but also have a good fit with the surroundings.  A project that is designed with an attention to detail, from the outside in and the inside out will have the best result.   Clark Brewer Architect:

  • use the best quality materials and construction the budget will allow.
  • design to exceed your clients expectations.
  • create projects that are good neighbors.

There is a famous architect quote "form follows function"  I was once asked, " what is more important, form or function"  my answer: "form and function are one."

My architectural education started early and it continues to this day.

I started my technical training at the drafting table in junior high school, then spent the summer of 1980 at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.  This put me the path to excellence and appropriate problem solving for every project I am involved with.